06 February 2012

Cheesecake Pillows



I forgot to take pictures, but mine looked like sloppier versions of the ones on the recipe page. LOL

The recipe on that page is a little confusing as it's not broken out properly, so here's a better break-out:

2 cans of Crescent Roll dough. *Pillsbury now has a seamless crescent dough that makes this really easy.
2 packages cream cheese, softened. *You want this at room temperature so the filling isn't lumpy.
2 cups sugar
2 tsp vanilla

1/4 cup (1/2 a stick) of melted butter
3/4 cup sugar
1 Tbsp cinnamon

And it just hit me just now as I'm typing that there must be larger sized crescent roll dough because there was no way the ones I had were going to hold a half-cup of the filling. So, get the large ones versus the smaller ones.

I had one can of 8-count small crescents and one can of the seamless.

I halved the filling recipe, and good thing too! By time I filled the 8 crescent triangles, and a few generous quality assurance tastes, I still had half the filling left.

I followed the recipe for the 8-count, using less than a half cup of filling, obviously, and closed them as best I could. I put them on a parchment-lined cooking sheet. This is a must, they DID leak. I did brush some melted butter on them, but forgot until they'd been baking 5 or so minutes that I forgot to sprinkle cinnamon sugar on them.

While those baked, I began to work out the seamless dough, which was smaller than I was expecting once rolled out. So, instead of cutting squares, I stretched it a little and spread the remaining filling evenly to about an inch from the edges and rolled it. Where you would normally cut them into cinnamon-roll type piece, I just left it, afraid the filling would just ooze too much during baking.

I pinched the edges down to keep down leakage. Brushed some melted butter and sprinkled some cinnamon sugar I already had mixed. Baked for 30 minutes. I think 3/4 cup sugar would be way too much.

With both versions, the cheese was still a touch gooey, but that's okay. =)

The rolled form is my preferred method. And if the dough is wide enough, adding some cherry pie filling would be Teh Nom, but these are great just on their own, warm or cold. Kind of Danish-esque. It's a great light snack, breakfast pastry, dessert...

I know I've seen a yeast-free cinnamon roll dough recipe out there, so when I do these again (and I do believe I will) I may give that a try since that would yield more dough to work with than the Pillsbury. Plus, none of that "Pillsbury Taste"...fine once in a while, but I don't want it all the time.

Another alternative is to get the seamless and form them to a muffin pan cup (or the muffin top pan like at doubledippedlife) and fill with cheese and top with cherry pie filling...hmmm....

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