21 February 2012

Cake Batter Muddy Buddies


I used Rice Chex...and the original Muddy Buddy recipe is on the box, but as I love the taste and smell of cake batter, I had to try this. In about 15 minutes you have a sweet crunchy snack.

You could probably get away with slightly less cake mix or even leave out the powdered sugar (and maybe sift the cake mix so it has a finer texture than out-of-the-box-clumpy); there is some unattached mix floating around my batch, and I even used a little extra Chex.

Since I have loose cake mix, I've been eating it out of a bowl, just like cereal LOL. Just a smaller berry bowl, not a cereal bowl - although I could probably sit and eat a cereal bowl's worth! =)

However, on the whole, this will definitely be a repeat... I wonder how it might work with chocolate and chocolate cake mix.....

In the bag and in the bowl:

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