13 January 2012

Mud Hen Bars

I don't know how this cookie bar got named after a wetlands bird, but doesn't matter since they sounded om nom. I use the term "cookie" loosely, it's not cookie consistency, but it's not cake either. Hard to describe, other than sugary goodness.

Mud Hen Bars
Found: http://chef-n-training.blogspot.com/2012/01/mud-hen-bars.html

Dough and goodies layers:

The dough is thinner than cookie dough, but thicker than cake batter. It turns out to be a sweet-dough type, kind of like the non-pastry coffee cakes. In fact, you could probably use this dough base and do a streusel topping to do just that! I may give that a try in the future.

The brown sugar meringue:

All baked! Yes, there's a hole in the meringue, I forgot to take a picture before I sampled:

Once baked, mine turned out sort of like those meringue cookies only softer. The marshmallows and meringue sort of melt and merge and get all nice and gooey:

First off, you'll notice mine don't look like the above blog's pictures. I think I know why. Duh. *headsmack* Instead of folding the brown sugar into the meringue, I used the beaters, so I guess it fluffed them up a bit. My bottom "crust" seems to be thicker as well, not sure why, maybe weather conditions. *shrug*

Surprisingly, they are not that heavy and are deceitful in their sugary lightness. It would be very easy to sit with a large glass of milk and eat half the pan. LOL

I brought in some to work and so far only Crystal has tried one (it's Friday, not everyone is in) and she liked it.

Next up, I think I'm giving the Cinnamon Roll Cake a try.

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