11 January 2012

I miss vacation

A perk of working for a Lutheran-affiliated university is that we get about 2 weeks at Christmas/New Years for vacation. Paid and it's not part of our usual vacation hours accrual/allotment. It also gives me a LOT of time to do some stitching. I worked exclusively on the former-freebie version of Mucha's "The Evening Star" (now found here: http://www.artofstitching.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=44&products_id=459 top right image). I have all four and have already completed "The Moon".

Three weeks ago I had about 1/4 done from the top left. Now, I'm probably closer to 50% done. YAY!

I have barely touched her since last Tuesday. =( We returned to work the 4th, and in my job, it's been non-stop catching up and processing end of year donations. I just finished today and took a Saturday of working to get me to this point.

I miss stitching on her. I started in January 2010, my goal is to finish her this year. Crossing my fingers!

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