21 November 2011

"Need a moment?"

Last week, I found this recipe for Homemade Twix:

And...being a Twix whore, immediately said "I'm making those!" And I did. Also partly because any time I get some out of a vending machine, the caramel reached rock-like consistency.

They are super easy and the hardest part was waiting until they were done.

First, you have to bake the crust. I ended up doing two batches so I wouldn't have a half-can of Eagle Brand laying around with no use. I'm not a fan of having to do cutting-in for crusts, but I persevered. TWIX!

Prep time, about 15 minutes, cook times @ 15 minutes.
My crust came out a wee bit cracked (click for larger pics):

Then you have to wait for the crust to cool completely before doing the caramel layer. Which is another 15 minutes prep time. About 5 minutes to get the ingredients mixed and to boiling, another 5 while it's boiling, and another 5 for cool-down. All while stirring.

Stir, stir, and more stirring...


Then, wait for that to get to room temperature...I allowed about an hour.

THEN, the chocolate layer...

About 5 minutes prep plus spreading time and you have THIS:

Pop in the fridge to cool/set the chocolate...again, I allowed about an hour or so while I showered and did a few other things.

But then, after dinner, they were ready to slice. I sliced straight from the fridge, but in future I'd let them set out for a little bit or get back to room temperature to be easier to slice. If I were really brave I would have popped the whole thing out of the pan then cut with a large knife. But in the end I had Twixxy goodness:

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