05 October 2011

"I realize that when I met you at the turkey curry buffet, I was unforgivably rude, and wearing a reindeer jumper." - Mark Darcy, Bridget Jones's Diary

That time of year already...time for Christmas stitching... not that I have a lot people to come up with gifts for or am religious, but I enjoy Christmas cross stitch patterns. Reindeer are my favorites.

Truly, quick stitchings, supposing you don't get ¾ done with one and have to frog it because you short-stitched a line by one. I managed all three over the weekend, amidst grocery, time at the parental units', and baking.

Clicks makes bigs...


Designs: Jinglebell Reindeer, Holly Reindeer, and Mistletoe Reindeer
Designer/Source: Daffycat Designs
Website: www.itsdaffycat.blogspot.com freebies
Fabric: 14 ct. Aida   Color: White
Floss: DMC
Started: 30 Sep 2011
Finished: 02 Oct 2011
Size: @ 2" x 3" +/- design size
Goofs: none
Purpose: ornaments
Notes: Used left over gold beads for Jinglebell from Shimmering Mermaid. "Stuffed" with 2mm craft foam.
Available? Undecided