20 September 2011

"OMG! TEA!" - friend Karen (she loves tea)

pre-edging   blanket stitched edging  pre-edging  
pre-edging   pre-edging

Design: Celtic tea bag wallet
Designer/Source: Celtic Cross - Cari Buziak/Aon Celtic Art
Website: www.aon-celtic.com (Freeware section)
Fabric: 14 ct. Aida   Color: Khaki
Floss: DMC
Started: 08 Sep 2011
Finished: 13 Sep 2011 (stitching); 20 Sept 2011 (finishing)
Size: 5" x 3" folded; 5" x 7" flat
Goofs: none
Purpose: tea bag holder birthday gift for friend who loves tea.
Notes: I switched out the lightest color green in the cross because it was too minty (swapped 369 with 368), otherwise, colors as indicated; lyrics in 163; "have a cuppa..." in 904; "tea stash" in 500. Double-sided fusible interfacing on the inside to join the stitching and inside fabric. Blanket-stitched the edges; a little messy since this is the first time I've done that stitch. I think the prep and figuring out how to do this took longer than actualy stitching it up! =D But, hoping she likes it...(She did.)

Borders from Celtic Charted Designs by Co Spinhoven.

Lyrics from Great Big Sea's "Have A Cuppa Tea", on their album Safe Upon the Shore.

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