19 July 2011

"Perseverance can reduce an iron rod to a sewing needle." ~ Chinese Proverb


Design: Blue Willow Patterns
Designer/Source: Oriental Cross-Stitch by Lesley Teare
Website: www.amazon.com
Fabric: 18 ct. Aida   Color: white
Floss: DMC, chart-indicated
Started: 19 Jun 2011
Finished: 19 Jul 2011
Size: 4.55" x 3" each stitched area; --" finished/overall
Goofs: yes, a few wee ones; not design-impairing.
Purpose: decorative for my kitchen; it will complement the blue walls and my Lochs of Scotland dishware.
Notes: panels, from top to bottom: The Palace, The Escape, and The Lovebirds. I almost didn't do the French Knots, but it didn't look right, so I learned them. At least now I can do a half-way decent French knot.
Available? No - Mine!

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