19 April 2010

Thistle Manor

Design: Thistle Manor
Designer/Source: Blackbird Designs
Website: Blackbird Designs?
Fabric: 18 ct. Aida   Color: oatmeal fiddler's cloth
Floss: DMC 0092
Started: 15 Apr 2010
Finished: 19 Apr 2010
Size: @ 5.11" x 4.16"
Goofs: yes, at least 3, not design-impairing; off a square here and there
Purpose: ??
Notes: Freebie. Not my usual style, but saw the floss beckoning to me (though it looked like it had more olive tones than the citrus tones I see when stitched) and thought it would look great on he oatmeal fabric.
Available? Yes

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