13 September 2009

Sampler Tree

Design: Tree Sampler
Designer/Source: Rainbow Gallery
Website: www.rainbowgallery.com
Fabric: 28 ct. evenweave   Color: khaki
Floss: DMC, over 2
Started: 12 Sep 2009
Finished: 13 Sep 2009
Size: @ 1¼" x 4 58"
Goofs: yes, not design-impairing; miscounted on a couple rows, not too blatantly obvious
Purpose: Christmas ornament
Notes/Modifications: I refused to buy the RG threads when I have a ton of DMC, so I matched up my own colors. I used:
  • DMC 498 for the red
  • Section A is 319
  • Section B is 501 with the Rhodes stitches in 319 and I also reversed my stitches
  • Section C is 502 for the lighter green, 936 for the darker and reversed the stitch on one of them
  • Section D is 502 and the vertical tied crosses are 367, and I also did some reverse stitching on alternating lines of 502
  • Section E is 3362, and the broad crosses are 895; the brown is 3031.

Available? Yes

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