03 July 2009

"Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things."


Design: Quarters
Designer/Source: Celtic Art in Cross Stitch by Barbara Hammet
Website: www.amazon.com
Fabric: 14 ct. Aida tote bag by Charles Craft
Floss: DMC
Started: 13 Jun 2009
Finished: 03 Jul 2009
Size: @ 7¾" square
Goofs: none, Celtic stitching isn't very forgiving
Purpose: gift as requested I make her something using one of the designs within this book since she gifted it to me. =)
Notes: changed out most of the colors because they look kinda blah, and wanted bolder colors. I only kept black and the colors in the animal's heads. And tried to choose the four knot colors to reflect the four seasons.
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