07 February 2009

"Who gathers thistles, may expect pricks."

Design: Ancient Scottish Thistle
Designer/Source: Textile Heritage
Website: http://scottishgiftco.bpweb.net
Fabric: 15? ct. Aida
Floss: DMC, chart-indicated
Started: 05 Feb 2009
Finished: 07 Feb 2009, @ 12+/- hours worth
Size: @ 1½" x 7"
Goofs: none; though the light green on the leaves blends very closely with the silvery aida.
Purpose: bookmark
Notes: Mom got this from a co-worker who went to Scotland and didn't realize it wasn't a finished bookmark until after she bought it. LOL Plenty of floss provided (might be enough for two, or very close to it); however wish they had distinguished the colors somehow other than "bright purple" and on a card.
Available? No

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